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 Welcome to Yogavitamines! With enthusiasm we share our passion through a  variety of classes,  workshops and retreats. Have a look on this website to see  what awaits you at our studio. Yogavitamines  is located in the heart of the city  of Porto in Portugal.


Come closer to your Natural Self


Monday 19h-20h Vinyasa with Claire
Tuesday 12.30h-13.30h Vinyasa with Claire
Wednesday 19h-20h Vinyasa with Claire


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Relax, Move, Breathe

We offer a diverse style of Yoga Classes. Find your flow on the rythm of the breath in our Dynamic Yoga sequences. Strengthening your physical body while having the challenge to practice in a moving meditational state. Moving with kindness and honesty towards yourself. A self exploration on the mat, with Awareness, Attention and and Focus to that which is actually happening, read more…
Stilling the posture, stilling the mind and nourishing your joints in Yin Yoga, working on the deeper tissues. This practice where you hold poses for at least several minutes will help you to increase your circulation and release blockages, find a comfortable mediation posture, it helps you to calm and balances mind and body.


Deepen your practice, expand your perception

We facilitate a variety of workshops and retreats throughout the year. Offer yourself the gift to deepen your practice, expand your perception, or find stillness by attending one of our events. Do you have a suggestion? Please feel free to share your idea by sending an email to info@yogavitamines.com.


In a peaceful, quiet and private setting

We facilitate healings with practitioners from Porto and surrounding that we know and trust. Please feel free to connect with us so that we can help you find the fitting treatment. If you prefer the treatment can me held in our studio so that you a have a peaceful, quiet and private setting.



Eco-friendly, beautiful designs, yogamats and more