About Yogavitamines

About us

Lets ’s talk about how you are able to keep your drishti (your what?!), how awesome happy handstands feel or how hard it is to mindfully
clean your dishes after a 9 hour workday.”

Yogavitamines is for everyone. We provide the space for the Yoga community to explore, meet and share their passion. Whether you are living in Porto or just visiting Porto for a few days, whether you are a beginner or a superyogi, you are welcome to join us. Come and have a cup of tea after class in our garden or meet us in a playful setting at our free AcroYoga jams

Meet Claire

I am Claire, a french yoga teacher. I believe that yoga can be joyful, inclusive and accessible to everyone.

I left my career as an engineer in 2014, to follow my bliss and dedicate myself to the practice and teaching of yoga. I have been teaching full time since then.

I teach a creative Vinyasa yoga aimed at exploring asanas and meditation through movement. I like to make every asana accessible and encourage everyone to connect with their own body and develop their own practice. I like to teach playful classes where everyone can explore and go beyond their comfort zone in a safe way. What I love most about yoga is how it reminds me everyday that I know nothing, and encourages me to be a constant adventurer.

With love, Claire

Meet Agnes

I am Agnes, an enthusiastic yoga practitioner. I feel thankful to be able to share and pass on my positive experiences with yoga through my classes.

I started practicing yoga to physically strengthen my body and to find relaxation.

Soon I experienced that yoga can give you much more than that! I felt more peaceful, in harmony, less stressed and more energised. Yoga makes you feel good. Not only during practice, it can positively change how you feel and act in daily live.

Namaste,  Agnes

The fruits of Yoga will bring you closer to your natural self. The practice of Yoga is the journey of self enquiry which can bring you that what we are often seeking for when starting the practice of Yoga which is health, happiness, stress reduction, a quiet mind, physical strength

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